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Professional Development

Our Methods, Your Skills, Better Results

My evidence based  Y4A:Yoga for Amputees® by Marsha T Danzig program can greatly enhance the outcomes of your client's lives. As medicine is changing, so is the atmosphere of it's hospitals and clinics.Integrative care, complementary therapies and movement education have been shown to greatly improve quality of life, independence, health and wellness, giving patients more self care tools to enhance their lives .Yoga has also been demonstrated to help clients reduce the need for pain medicine, cope better with stress, and handle change more easily. Patients who actively participate in their wellness are less likely to be hospitalized or inappropriately use our overburdened medical system.


Professional Development inspires your staff to stay fresh, creative, and innovative.Yoga for Amputees not only enhances the lives of your patients, it enhances the lives of your staff.

Courses Offered

Professional Development Courses are taught online or live .All online courses are 90 minutes in length and cost $75.00 per person.   Course can be divided into two 45 minute sections. Included in each course are:  Course Materials, including handouts and pre-recorded videos for reference ;Live online course which is recorded and available for download ;Follow up mentorship call within 3 months to see progress and answer question ;Certificate of completion. Group discounts available for 5 or more attendees. Courses are taught in EST.

Schedule your course by emailing  HERE

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The Resistant Yogi: How to Get Your Patient to Try Yoga

A long term cancer survivor shares her perspective on patient care; What works, what doesn’t work.


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