Pediatric Yoga Course


The purpose of this course is to give yoga and health care professionals working with children yoga based tools to help children manage pain, recover more quickly from surgery, decrease anxiety , stress, pain and suffering due to hospitalization and medical procedures, increase the healing process. Increase quality of life for you and your pediatric patients by introducing yoga techniques for wellbeing ,recovery, healthy coping skills, stress reduction, and overall peacefulness. For newcomers to yoga and seasoned yoga practitioners, get simple, repeatable, safe tools that will bring greater stress reduction, relieve pain, anxiety and suffering.

What you will learn;

Visualization on being in a hospital room as a young childawareness
of sensations and possible emotions attached
to physical sensations
· Sensations and antidotes- Disoriented, agitated ,
disassociated- visualization of each sensation followed by
a seated yoga antidote.
· Sensations and antidotes – angry, terrified, anxiousstanding
yoga antidotes.
· Simple breathing techniques to help different situations
· Yoga and movement games to reach children in the bed
in a wheel chair and in the playroom
· Simple yoga poses for the bed, wheelchair or standing,
including discussion of benefits and contraindications,
steps to the poses
· The art of teaching pediatric yoga- voice quality, attitude
towards patients, terminology to use and avoid, , trauma
sensitive practices, witnessing your own responses and
reactions as part of the teaching of yoga.
Meditation and creative visualization techniques· Specific yoga techniques for specific conditions andages(3-12)· Songs and chants to soothe the spirit·  Getting in to hospitals- where to go, what to ask for, theprocess· Yoga Nidra- constructive rest for children with script.


    Credit only once purchased, to be used within one year of purchase date.