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Physiotherapy Session

Yoga for Amputees® by Marsha T Danzig

Clinical Online Course

Learn  the Yoga for Amputees by Marsha T Danzig

evidence based protocol to provide a sustainable

Yoga For Amputees program in your clinic or hospital

Who should attend
  • In this 7 week ONLINE Training for Prosthetists, Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists, and Professionals working with Amputees in a Clinical Setting  you’ll receive the evidence based yoga tools, expert guidance and support you need to successfully teach therapeutic yoga easily accessible to your amputee clients.

  • The Yoga for Amputees Clinical Training is designed to reach amputees at point of hospitalization for limb loss , as well as ongoing rehabilitative support throughout. This ensures opportunity for the amputee to develop new healing neural pathways to thrive in life.

  • This training has a special focus on how yoga techniques can positively transform the emotional and psychological effects of limb loss due to grief, body image, mental stress and pain management, including phantom pain.

  • This training is just right for you if you want to learn how to teach yoga as medicine in your clinic or medical facility , to aid with the recovery process and long term life vision for your amputee clients.

Who should attend

At the end of this course
  • Be able to demonstrate and teach the Yoga for Amputees® Foundational Sequence to amputees 

  • Learn how to safely teach basic yoga & breathing techniques to above ,below knee, and upper extremity amputees 

  • Gain tools to help amputees develop strong core muscles, essential for walking, balance and performing everyday tasks with ease. 

  • Teach specific yoga & breathing techniques to empower amputees to deal more effectively with phantom pain & associated pain due to limb loss pain  

  • Be able to set up a positive result oriented yoga environment in your clinic

  • Be able to demonstrate and teach yogic rest for amputees to restore mind, body and spirit. 

  • Be able to teach yoga tools to amputees to better cope with trauma,  anxiety , stress  suffering and grief.

  • Be able to demonstrate how yoga tools can profoundly  help heal emotional, psychological and physical wounds over the long haul

  • Be able to offer at home yoga programs for your patients using Yoga for Amputees  materials.

  • Seamlessly integrate yoga into the clinical treatment of amputees

Learning Objectives

What you receive from this course
  • Therapeutic observation skills for range of motion through yoga techniques

  • How to safely adapt basic poses for above knee, below-knee, and upper-extremity amputees with and without prosthesis by applying the Yoga for Amputees protocol

  • Yoga for pain , phantom pain and trauma management

  • Relaxation practices to support amputees’ physical & mental healing

  • Listing on Y4A website as a Y4A clinical instructor

  • Value packed handouts and weekly supplemental videos

  • Evidence Based Research

  • 10% discount on Yoga for Amputees ONLINE Foundations Training for Certified Yoga Instructors

  • Download the Full Course Modules HERE

What you get


Seven week course meets once per week

Each live online session lasts 60 minutes

Additional home study material for each segment

Continuing Education Certificate of Completion

Sessions are recorded

Quiz included for each session

Group discounts available

Download FULL Description HERE


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